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Cancer Treatment Options: Chemotherapy and Radiation

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What is the primary goal of chemotherapy in cancer treatment?

To reduce the size of the tumor prior to surgery

What is the cumulative effect of cell damage caused by radiation therapy?


What is the primary reason for limiting visitors to 30-minute visits and maintaining a distance of 6 feet from the patient?

To prevent radiation exposure to visitors

What is the term for the decrease in bone marrow activity that results in reduced production of blood cells?


What is the purpose of screening recommendations in cancer treatment?

To detect cancer in its earliest stage

What is the term for the type of radiation therapy that involves inserting a radiation source into a body cavity?


What is the common side effect of radiation therapy that results in dry mouth?


What is the primary goal of radiation therapy in cancer treatment?

To destroy cancer cells

What is the term for the skin changes that occur as a result of radiation therapy?


What is the purpose of monitoring the complete blood count (CBC) in patients undergoing radiation therapy?

To monitor for myelosuppression

What is the recommended age for women to start having annual mammograms?

40 years old

What is the name of the test used to detect genetic mutations that increase the risk of certain types of cancer?

Genetic testing

What is the term for the warning signs of cancer that patients often experience as the driving force to go to the doctor?

CAUTION symptoms

What is the purpose of axillary lymph node staging in breast cancer treatment?

To determine the stage of breast cancer

What is the term for the physical examination of the breasts to detect any abnormalities?

Clinical breast examination

What is the recommended screening test for high-risk patients who smoke or have quit smoking within the past 15 years?

Helical low-dose CT scan

What is the term for the medical treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells?


What is the term for the examination of the bone marrow to diagnose leukemia?

Bone marrow biopsy

Learn about the different treatment options for cancer, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and how they vary depending on cell type, stage of disease, and goals of care. Understand the side effects and benefits of each treatment.

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