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Which of the following is considered a content-related offense related to cybersex?

Willful engagement in lascivious activities with a computer system

What penalty is imposed for intentional acquisition of identifying information without causing any damage?

One degree lower penalty

Which offense involves the unlawful acts defined in the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 committed through a computer system?

Child Pornography

What offense involves unsolicited commercial communications?

Unsolicited Commercial Communications

In which case is the penalty for child pornography higher than that of Republic Act No. 9775?

When child pornography is committed through a computer system

What is required for the transmission of commercial electronic communication, according to the text?

Affirmative consent from the recipient

For what purpose can commercial electronic communication be sent without prior consent?

To send service and administrative announcements

What condition must be met for recipients to reject further commercial electronic messages?

Providing a way to opt-out from future messages

Which of the following is not allowed in commercial electronic communication?

Including misleading information to induce recipients

What offense is committed through commercial electronic communication if it contains misleading information?


What is the consequence of purposely disguising the source of commercial electronic communication?

Violation of legal requirements

What is considered a cybercrime offense related to computer-related forgery?

Altering computer data without authorization to create inauthentic data

In the context of cybercrime, what characterizes computer-related identity theft?

Acquiring a domain name in bad faith without intellectual property interests

What action defines 'computer-related fraud' as a cybercrime offense?

Unauthorized input, alteration, or deletion of computer data causing damage with fraudulent intent

What is the key element of cybercrime related to unauthorized computer data alteration?

Altering computer data without proper authorization

Which action is considered a cybercrime offense related to misleading domain name acquisition?

Acquiring a domain name in bad faith to mislead or profit

What constitutes a cybercrime relating to computer-related forgery?

Intentionally altering, inputting, or deleting computer data to create inauthentic data

Test your knowledge on the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act regarding the transmission of commercial electronic communication. Learn about prior affirmative consent, service and administrative announcements, and other conditions that must be met for compliance.

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