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What is the correct way to ask 'Do you go to the cinema a lot?' using the Present Simple?

Do you go to the cinema a lot?

To say 'I don't watch TV in the evenings', which option is correct?

I don't watch TV in the evenings.

Which time phrase is used with 'at' to talk about a specific time?

at 12.00

To ask 'Do they go shopping on Saturdays?', what is the correct short answer for 'No'?

No, they don't.

Which time phrase is used with 'on' to talk about days?

on Saturday

How do you say 'We visit our parents every Sunday' using a negative sentence?

We don't visit our parents every Sunday.

What is the correct question form to ask about a habit using 'they'?

Do they go to concerts?

Which phrase is used with 'every' to talk about frequent actions?

every day

To fill the gap in 'I ___ English', what is the correct option?


Which option correctly uses 'in' with a time period?

in the evenings

Test your knowledge on ticket prices and show timings for the Brent Gallery and FilmWorld in London. Fill in the table with the correct information based on the provided details.

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