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What is the main focus of the module?

Building trust with external customers and suppliers

How does the speaker suggest handling customer problems?

Taking ownership of the problem and providing solutions

What does the speaker consider as crucial in maintaining trust with customers?

Demonstrating best interests in customer decisions

According to the speaker, what creates a strong impression on customers?

Every customer touchpoint and problem resolution

What does a seamless transaction mode entail?

Confirming orders and delivering exactly what was ordered within the specified timeframe

What could trigger pricing concerns according to the text?

Lack of performance and deviation from seamless transactions

What is the key to building trust with team members?

Investing time to understand their backgrounds and communication preferences

What should a leader do when a team member fails?

View it as an opportunity to learn and encourage the team to do the same

What does transparency and authenticity in communication involve?

Communicating with transparency about intentions and expectations

What is the focus of professional development according to the text?

Conversations around professional development goals and creating opportunities for elevation

What is the role of each individual in addressing exceptions?

To become the customer's internal advocate and address exceptions in a timely manner

What should a leader do to foster amazing relationships, according to the text?

Develop a servant's heart and take ownership of fostering personal relationships with team members

What does treating others like you would like to be treated involve?

Respecting each team member's input and seeking feedback

What does taking ownership of developing personal relationships involve?

Uncovering connection points with team members and frequently engaging in conversations around them

What should a leader do to build trust with the team?

Invest time into understanding people's backgrounds and the best way to communicate with them

What is the focus of personal relationships with team members according to the text?

Uncovering connection points with team members and frequently engaging in conversations around them

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on building and sustaining long-term relationships with external customers, suppliers, and team members. Explore the importance of trust in business relationships and assess your understanding of creating and maintaining trust.

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