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What are some effective ways to nurture business relationships?

Using social media

What is the meaning of 'Goodwill' in business relationships?

Positive feelings towards the business

How can trust be established in a business relationship?

Under-promising and over-delivering

What is NOT a key element in building trust with clients?

Ignoring client feedback

Why is trust important in a business relationship?

To ensure parties believe you

What is the consequence of breaking a valid contract?

Facing legal consequences

How can business relationships be initiated?

'You' or the 'other party' initiating contact

'Settling disputes' is mentioned as a way to:

'Nurture business relationships'

'Customers' in business relationships are also known as:


'Trust' in a business relationship results from:

Actions rather than promises

Test your knowledge on fostering and maintaining business relationships to build trust, grow referral business, and retain clients for future transactions. Learn about the key strategies for forming long-term relationships that can lead to brand advocacy and successful outcomes.

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