Building Construction Requirements

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What is a requirement for buildings or structures intended for the manufacture and/or production of any kind of article or product?

Observing environmental safeguards

What should be maintained in safe, sanitary, and good working condition?

Buildings or structures and all parts thereof as well as all facilities found therein

What is a consideration for sites or buildings intended for human habitation?

Distance from polluted sources

Where are the definitions for words, terms, and phrases used in this Code located?

Annex 'A'

What is the purpose of Section 105?

To outline site requirements

What is a general requirement for all buildings or structures?

Conforming to principles of safe construction

What is the minimum thickness of foundation footings required to support the load of the dwelling?

250 millimeters

What is the minimum live load of the first floor according to the National Building Code?

200 kilograms per square meter

What is the minimum wind load for roofs in terms of vertical projection?

120 kilograms per square meter

What is the minimum clear width of stairs required in the building code?

750 millimeters

How many entrances and exits are required in a building?

One entrance and one exit

What code do electrical installations need to conform to?

Philippine Electrical Code

What is the purpose of the Secretary promoting rules and regulations for each of the other Group Occupancies?

To cover various aspects of building design and safety

What is a requirement for every building according to the National Building Code?

To be designed, constructed, and equipped to provide adequate light and ventilation

What happens when a building is enlarged?

The dimensions of the required court or yard decrease

What is excluded from the measurement of site occupancy?

Courts, yards, and light wells

What is the National Building Code's approach to building design and arrangement?

Ensure adequate light and ventilation

What is a consideration in building design according to the Civil Code of the Philippines?

Easements of Light and View

What is required for a change in occupancy to be approved?

The building must comply with the requirements of the new occupancy.

What is the case when a one-storey building houses more than one occupancy?

Each portion of the building conforms to the requirement of the particular occupancy housed therein.

What is the percentage of area that minor accessory uses can occupy?

10% of the area of any floor or building.

What determines the occupancy classification when there are minor accessory uses?

The major use of the building determines the occupancy classification.

What is the condition for changing the character of occupancy or use of an existing building?

The new use must be less hazardous than the existing use.

What is the general requirement for a building of mixed occupancy?

The whole building is subject to the most restrictive requirement.

Where should roof drains be installed?

At low points of the roof

What is required where roof drains are installed?

Adequate overflow drains

Where is it permitted for roof drainage water to flow over public property?

In Group A and J Occupancies

What is required at the juncture of the roof and vertical surfaces?

Flashing and counterflashing

How is the occupant load permitted in a building determined?

By dividing the floor area assigned to that use by the unit area allowed per occupant

What is the purpose of the National Plumbing Code referenced in the text?

For installing roof drains and overflow drains

This quiz covers the general building requirements, including safe construction principles, environmental safeguards, and facility standards. It's a must-know for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Test your knowledge of building codes and regulations!

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