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What is the difference between the management decision problem and the consumer (market) research problem?

Management decision problem focuses on what management wants to know, while the consumer research problem focuses on what the researcher wants to know from consumers.

What is an effective method for collecting a large amount of data in a relatively short time?

Survey research

Which data collection method is useful for observing in-store behavior and customer-employee interactions?


What type of questions can be used in survey research?

A combination of open-ended, closed-ended, and rating scale questions

Which type of culture values traits such as assertiveness, money, power, and success?


Which communication style involves the use of symbols and non-verbal cues?

High context

Which group influence refers to individuals conforming to group norms to gain social acceptance?


Which factor plays a role in cross-cultural considerations like bad luck associated with the number 13?

Rituals and traditions

What is the main focus of demographics?

Describing a population in terms of size, distribution, and structure

Which source provides North American demographic information according to the text?

Statistics Canada

What is geodemographic segmentation?

Using postal codes to cluster segments

In Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions, which countries are examples of collectivist cultures?

Pakistan, Venezuela, Taiwan, Portugal

What does the term 'innovation' refer to?

An idea, practice, or product perceived as new by consumers

What is the main purpose of product placement as discussed in the text?

Embedding real products in TV shows and movies to influence consumer behavior

Test your knowledge on consumer research process including problem definition, research question, data collection, and data analysis. Explore key concepts such as management decision problems, market research problems, research design, and data conversion.

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