Breast Reconstruction Timing and Methods

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What is the effect of post-mastectomy radiation therapy on the aesthetic outcome of breast reconstruction?

It has a detrimental effect

What is the recommended method of breast reconstruction when an immediate reconstruction is intended and post-mastectomy radiation therapy is anticipated?

Two-stage implant-based reconstruction

What is the comparison between tissue expander radiation and implant radiation in terms of implant failure rate?

There is no significant difference in failure rate

What is the preferred method of breast reconstruction in a previously irradiated patient who requires delayed reconstruction?

Autologous tissue reconstruction

What is the comparison between delayed reconstruction and immediate reconstruction in terms of complication rate?

Immediate reconstruction has a higher complication rate

This quiz assesses your understanding of the optimal timing and methods of breast reconstruction, particularly in cases where post-mastectomy radiation therapy (PMRT) is anticipated. It covers the effects of PMRT on aesthetic outcomes and complication rates, and explores the recommended approaches for immediate breast reconstruction. Test your knowledge of tissue expanders and two-stage implant-based reconstruction.

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