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What does biotechnology primarily deal with?

Using live organisms or enzymes to produce products and processes useful to humans

In what sense can making curd, bread, or wine be considered a form of biotechnology?

They are all microbe-mediated processes

Which of the following is an example of a process included under biotechnology?

In vitro fertilisation leading to a ‘test-tube’ baby

What does the European Federation of Biotechnology's definition of biotechnology encompass?

Both traditional view and modern molecular biotechnology

What is the restricted sense in which biotechnology is used today?

Referring to processes which use genetically modified organisms on a larger scale

Test your knowledge of biotechnology with this quiz! Explore the techniques and applications of using live organisms and enzymes to produce products and processes beneficial to humans. From genetically modified organisms to microbe-mediated processes, this quiz covers the diverse aspects of biotechnology.

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