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Which type of bond helps stabilize the nuclear envelope by forming between amino acids of the same kind?

Disulfide bond

What happens to the levels of organization in a protein when it is boiled?

It loses all levels of organization besides primary

Which organelle breaks down carbon-containing molecules to produce ATP?


What is the general term for a large molecule made up of many similar subunits?


Which enzyme is responsible for solving the chromosome end replication problem?


What is the primary enzyme involved in the synthesis of tens of thousands of different eukaryotic mRNAs?

RNA polymerase II

Which enzyme joins DNA fragments to the lagging strand during DNA replication?


What is the role of the major and minor grooves in the DNA helical structure?

Provide recognition and binding sites for various DNA binding proteins

Which nucleoside with three phosphate groups is also known as a nucleotide triphosphate?


What is the genomic [G]+[C] content of Helicobacter pylori, an important human pathogen, if its [A] content is 31%?


Test your knowledge on organic molecules in biology with this quiz. Questions cover topics like the structure of carbohydrates, amino acids in proteins, and the definition of polymers. Challenge yourself and learn more about cellular compounds!

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