Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Quiz
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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Quiz

Test your knowledge on macromolecules, thermodynamics, weak interactions, water structure, buffers, amino acids, and protein structure.

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What type of weak interaction is responsible for the hydrophobic effect in macromolecules?

Van der Waals interactions

In the context of protein structure, what characterizes the tertiary structure?

Interactions between distant amino acids in the same polypeptide chain

Which molecule is responsible for the Bohr effect in hemoglobin?

2,3-bisphosphoglycerate (2,3-BPG)

Study Notes

Weak Interactions in Macromolecules

  • The hydrophobic effect in macromolecules is caused by the van der Waals interaction, a type of weak interaction.

Protein Structure

  • The tertiary structure of a protein is characterized by the overall 3D shape of the polypeptide chain.

Bohr Effect

  • The Bohr effect in hemoglobin is caused by the interactions of carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules.

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