Belgian Colonial Ambitions in Africa Quiz

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Who did Leopold partner with to explore Africa?

Henry Morton Stanley

What did Stanley famously say when he found Livingstone?

"Dr. Livingstone, I presume."

What were Stanley's contributions to the exploration of Africa?

He crossed Africa and charted the Congo River.

What was Leopold seeking to find for Belgium?

A colony

Why did Leopold turn his attentions to Africa?

His efforts to gain control of the Philippines proved unsuccessful.

What desirable qualities of the Congo River did Stanley bring to the attention of the Western world?

Many desirable qualities

Leopold had long been seeking to find a colony for ______


His efforts to gain control of the ______ in the 1860s proved unsuccessful


Stanley had won fame when the publisher of the New York Herald hired him in 1871 to locate ______

David Livingstone

Stanley went on to become one of the first Westerners to cross Africa and to chart the ______ River


Stanley was interested in helping either Great Britain or the United States form a colony in this newly explored ______


Instead, Stanley found himself being wooed by the ambitious ______


Test your knowledge about Leopold's efforts to find a colony for Belgium in Africa and his partnership with explorer Henry Morton Stanley. Learn about their unsuccessful attempts to gain control of the Philippines and their exploration of the African continent.

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