Bahrain Oil Industry History

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When did Bapco commence the export of oil?

7th June 1934

Who was instrumental in the discovery of oil in Bahrain?


What is the current processing capacity of Bapco's refinery?

267,000 bpd

Who owns Bapco today?

Government of Bahrain

What is the purpose of the Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP)?

Expand processing capacity

In which year did Bapco begin refining the exported oil?


What does Bapco contribute to the Kingdom’s economy?

Key contributor to GDP and income generator

Who has been at the forefront of developing Bahrain’s human capital?


How many barrels of storage facilities does Bapco currently own?

14 million barrels

Who helped in setting up the building blocks of the region’s hydrocarbon industry?


Test your knowledge of the history and development of the oil industry in Bahrain, including the discovery of oil, the role of Bapco, and the impact on Bahrain's human capital.

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