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What is the purpose of wearing stud earrings in the CSSD?

To prevent loose earrings from contaminating reusable medical devices

Why is strict adherence to work practices important in the CSSD?

To minimize the risk of infection and contamination

What is the rationale for applying Standard Precautions in healthcare?

To prevent all blood and body substances from being considered potentially infectious

Why do hospital staff constantly try to minimize the reservoir of infection in the healthcare environment?

To prevent the development of drug-resistant microbes

In what way do patients in hospitals pose a particular risk of infection?

Due to poor health and compromised immune systems

Which type of microorganism has a lifecycle stage that is encysted and resistant to disinfectants?


Which microorganism is usually identified by growing them in the laboratory and examining the characteristic features of colony shape, size, and color?


Which microorganism may infect the gut, urogenital tract, respiratory tract, and oral cavity?


What is the purpose of decontaminating a needle as described in the text?

To kill all remaining microbes on the needle

What is the role of microbiologists in the detection of microscopic organisms mentioned in the text?

To culture the organisms until they grow into a detectable form

What is the significance of the high magnification view of the tip of an unsterilized needle in Figure M2-1?

It demonstrates the difficulty in visually determining the presence of all microbes

What makes prions difficult to remove from reusable medical devices?

Their resistance to heat and disinfectants

How are viruses usually detected in the laboratory?

By tissue culture methods

Why are microbes considered potentially harmful in clinical environments?

Because they resist disinfectants and heat

Under high magnification, the unevenness of reusable medical device surfaces can make it difficult to ____________ properly.


Why do specialists in CSSD strictly comply with validated procedures and processes for cleaning and decontaminating reusable medical devices?

To ensure the safety and sterility of devices

What is the reason for specialists in CSSD needing to be vigilant and understand the basic principles of what they are doing?

To minimize contamination risk in the wash room

What is the approximate rate at which the forearm sheds dead skin cells per hour?

1300 cells

What is the primary purpose of wearing fluid resistant gowns with long-cuffed sleeves in the Decontamination zone?

To prevent contamination from infectious material

Why is it important to wear dedicated non-slip enclosed footwear in the CSSD?

To reduce the risk of injury or contact with sharp objects

What is the primary purpose of Standard Precautions in healthcare?

To reduce the likelihood of contamination of reusable medical devices

Which factor is NOT required for the spread of microbial infection?

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Why is it important to seek medical advice if an individual is ill with enteritis or a severe respiratory tract infection?

To assess whether they should be handling clean or sterile goods in their condition

What is the main reason for trying to break the chain of infection in the healthcare environment?

To protect patients who are particularly susceptible to infection

What is the rationale for minimizing the reservoir of infection in the healthcare environment?

To prevent the spread of infectious microbes through various means within the hospital

Test your knowledge on the methods of identifying bacteria and the effectiveness of disinfectants in killing them. Learn about culturing, microscopy, biochemical tests, and more.

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