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Which kingdom do prokaryotic organisms belong to?


How do bacterial cells divide?

By binary fission

What is the genetic material in bacterial cells?

Circular molecule of double-stranded DNA

Which of the following is a key feature of bacterial cells?

Lack of membrane-bound organelles

Which term refers to the single-celled organisms that belong to the kingdom Monera?


What is the main function of endospores in bacteria?

To survive unfavourable conditions

What is the main function of moulds in fungi?

To break down remains of dead plants or animals

How do moulds multiply?

By producing clusters of dry spores

Study Notes

Prokaryotic Organisms

  • Prokaryotic organisms belong to the kingdom Monera.
  • Bacterial cells divide by binary fission.

Bacterial Cells

  • Genetic material in bacterial cells is a single circular chromosome.
  • A key feature of bacterial cells is the presence of a cell wall composed of peptidoglycan (also known as murein).


  • Endospores are a key feature of bacteria that allows them to survive in extreme conditions.
  • The main function of endospores is to provide protection against heat, radiation, and chemicals.


  • Moulds are a type of fungi.
  • The main function of moulds is to break down organic matter.
  • Moulds multiply by producing spores.

Test your knowledge on bacteria and fungi with this quiz! Learn about prokaryotic cells, the key features of bacterial cells, the structure of a typical bacterial cell, and the different fungi phyla. Challenge yourself to define key terms such as bacteria, cell wall, chromosome, coccus, cytoplasm, flagellum, plasma membrane, prokaryote, ribosome, spore, bacillus, capsule, and fungi.

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