Authoritarian Systems of Government
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Authoritarian Systems of Government

Test your knowledge on authoritarian systems of government with this quiz! Explore the characteristics, examples, and descriptions of authoritarian regimes. Challenge yourself and enhance your understanding of this political system.

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Which of the following best describes an authoritarian system of government?

A system where power is held by a single ruler or a small group with absolute authority

What is a common characteristic of authoritarian regimes?

Limited political freedoms and civil liberties

Which of the following is an example of an authoritarian government?

North Korea

Study Notes

Authoritarian Systems of Government

  • An authoritarian system of government is characterized by a strong central authority that exercises power and control over the citizens.
  • In an authoritarian system, the government has significant control over the economy, media, and other aspects of citizens' lives.

Common Characteristics of Authoritarian Regimes

  • Limited or no political freedom for citizens.
  • Restriction or suppression of opposition and criticism.
  • A powerful leader or elite group that holds significant power.

Examples of Authoritarian Governments

  • North Korea, where the government exercises total control over the economy and citizens' lives.
  • China, where the Communist Party has significant control over the economy and media.
  • Saudi Arabia, where the monarchy holds significant power and restricts political freedoms.

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