ATP and Coupled Reaction Processes in General Biology 11th Grade Q2 W1

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What is the main function of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in cellular processes?

ATP is involved in short-term energy storage and transport

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a form in which energy can exist or be stored?


What makes the arrangement of the three phosphate groups in an ATP molecule unstable?

The repulsion between the negatively charged phosphate groups

Why is energy essential to life, according to the provided text?

To carry out cellular activities such as active transport and cell division

What is the analogy used in the pre-activity given at the beginning of the text?

Predicting light emission from flashlights using charged and empty batteries

What is the main objective of the self-learning kit (SLK)?

To guide learners in understanding the concepts of ATP and coupled reaction processes

What is the specific role of ATP as mentioned in the learning competency?

Carrying out essential life processes

Why are the activities and illustrations in the SLK carefully planned and designed?

To stimulate cognitive skills among learners

What is the main focus of Lesson 1 in the SLK?

Understanding the concepts of ATP and coupled reaction processes

What is the intended outcome for learners as mentioned in the text?

Develop understanding of the importance of ATP in carrying out essential life processes

This self-learning kit (SLK) provides instructional material to help learners understand the concepts of ATP and coupled reaction processes. The activities and illustrations aim to provide a thorough understanding of the lesson.

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