Assessment of Plant-Based and Lab-Grown Food Alternatives

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Match the following with their dominant focus based on the retrieved literature:

VF = Europe FD = Asia PBAs = Europe and northern America BT = Global perspective

Match the following with the number of included papers assessed:

PBAs = 37 VF = 16 BT = 14 FD = 11

Match the following with the primary focus of assessment:

BT = Biotechnology PBMA and dairy alternatives = Meat and dairy substitutes Seafood or egg alternatives = Seafood and egg substitutes VF = Vegetable farming

Match the following with their geographical scope based on case studies:

VF = Europe FD = Asia PBAs = Europe and northern America BT = Global

Which type of food alternative was the most commonly assessed in the included papers?

Meat alternatives (PBMA)

Which food substitute had a dominant focus on Asia based on the retrieved literature?

Biomass technology (BT)

In which continent did case studies on food fortification (FD) have a dominant focus?


What is the main difference between the environmental impacts of PBAs and their animal-based counterparts?

PBAs generally have lower environmental impacts than animal-based counterparts.

What aspect of public health consequences of PBAs has been exclusively addressed in the included studies?

Comparison of nutritional profiles against conventional products

Which dietary risk factor are PBAs often higher in compared to their animal-based counterparts?


Explore the assessment of plant-based and lab-grown food alternatives through a wide-ranging literature review. Discover the varying geographical scope and regional representation of different food sustainability technologies (FSTs) across the globe.

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