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Which of the following is an important element of an organization's strategy for success?

Regular gap analysis

When should an organization conduct a gap analysis?

Every year or two

What does a gap analysis help determine?

The gap between where an organization is and where it wants to be

According to the text, what is the primary reason for the increase in payouts to plaintiffs in lawsuits against law enforcement agencies?

Juries are more likely to award larger sums to plaintiffs

What impact has the social climate had on trials and outcomes?

Higher awards and higher costs are becoming more common

What is the main effect of the increasing costs of judgments on law enforcement agencies?

Funds are being diverted from other areas such as hiring and training

What does the U.S. Army Leader Development Manual emphasize about critical thinking?

Seeking the most thorough and accurate understanding possible

  1. What was the approximate increase in pay-outs for lawsuits by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department over five years?

10 times

  1. What is the main reason for the steady rise in legal costs for law enforcement agencies?

Misconduct cases

  1. Why is the City of Los Angeles considering issuing judgment bonds?

To pay for liability claims and jury verdicts against the Los Angeles Police Department

  1. What is the approximate total cost of the pay-outs for lawsuits by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department?

$100 million

According to the text, what is an important consideration when implementing a data collection and analysis system?

Investing in a process

What is the recommended approach for implementing a risk management system?

Implementing it in stages

What type of data should an agency prioritize when implementing a risk management system?

Data on frequent liability claims

According to the text, what was the cumulative total of the six claims for collisions that occurred while officers were backing up?


What was the total amount of money the City was spending on settlements for relatively minor claims involving collisions and uses of force every year?

Tens of thousands of dollars

What percentage reduction in at-fault collisions was achieved over the next few years after implementing the driving training courses?


Who is described as the foremost risk management guru in the field of public safety?

Gordon Graham

Which of the following is an important component of risk management?

Keeping policies and procedures current

What is the primary purpose of training and testing officers on policies?

To ensure officers understand the policies

What is the recommended frequency for revising critical policies?

Once or twice a year

What is the potential consequence of not keeping policies and procedures current?

Increased liability

According to the text, what is the purpose of developing a system for collecting and analyzing data to identify and prioritize risks?

To create reports for managers and supervisors

What is the recommended approach for implementing management systems within an organization?

To look within your sphere of influence

What is the importance of reconciling data and actions at the end when using a single database for the entire organization?

To avoid duplication

What should be done to ensure compliance with the law when collecting and safeguarding data?

Work with legal advisors

According to the text, what are Gordon Graham's 'Five Pillars of Organizational Risk Management'?

People, Policy, Training, Supervision, and Discipline

What is the suggested approach for developing a sound system for risk management?

Make it a mandatory task at all levels and clearly define the task and procedure

What is the main lesson from US Airways Capt. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger's actions on Flight 1549?

Small deposits into memory bank enable instant decision-making

What did Gordon Graham say about the incidents involving pilots who had previously failed a proficiency test?

They were predictable and preventable

Assess Your Strategic Planning Skills: Take this quiz to evaluate your ability to conduct an effective organizational assessment and develop a strategic plan for success. Test your knowledge on assessing assets, capabilities, and deficits, and learn how to compare and analyze your organization's current state with its desired future state.

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