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Antihypertensive Agents - Case Study Analysis

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What is the primary purpose of diagnosing hypertension according to the text?

To predict potential consequences for the patient

Why is it recommended to confirm a diagnosis of hypertension with home or ambulatory blood pressure measurement?

To avoid the risk of white coat hypertension

What does the text emphasize regarding the rational use of antihypertensive agents?

It can lower blood pressure with minimal risk of serious toxicity in most patients

Which method is recommended for diagnosing hypertension based on the text?

Home or ambulatory blood pressure measurement

What did NHANES find regarding Americans with hypertension and blood pressure control?

Less than half of Americans with hypertension had adequate blood pressure control

How does knowledge of antihypertensive mechanisms and sites of action help in treatment according to the text?

It allows accurate prediction of efficacy and toxicity of drugs

What is the most significant risk factor for the patient described in the case study?

Family history of hypertension and premature heart disease

According to the 2017 ACC/AHA High Blood Pressure Clinical Practice Guideline, what is the recommended threshold for defining hypertension?

≥130/90 mm Hg

What is the approximate prevalence of hypertension among American adults, according to the NHANES data from 2011 to 2014?


Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor influencing the prevalence of hypertension?

Smoking status

What percentage of deaths from coronary heart disease and stroke occur in people with hypertension?

More than 50%

Which of the following organ systems is NOT mentioned as being damaged by sustained arterial hypertension?


Explore a case study of a 35-year-old man with hypertension and analyze the different aspects of antihypertensive agents. This case study is based on Chapter 11 from 'Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 15e'.

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