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What is a shape tween animation in Animate CC?

An animation that changes from one shape to another, also known as morphing

What is a necessary requirement for creating a shape tween animation in Animate CC?

Must use shapes only; Define start and end keyframes; Create the shape tween

Which type of animation changes from one position to another in Animate CC?

Motion tween animation, also known as translating

What is the first step required to create a multiple shape tween within a set of frames in Animate CC?

Draw rectangles using the Rectangle Tool in Frame 1 and break them apart

What action should be taken after typing the letters L, O, V, and E separately using the Text Tool in Frame 35 to create a multiple shape tween in Animate CC?

Press Ctrl B to break the letters apart

How can the created animation be played in Animate CC after completing the steps for creating a multiple shape tween within a set of frames?

Press Ctrl Enter

What is the primary purpose of motion tween in animation?

To create movement, size, and rotation changes

In Animate CC, what is the main function of symbols in motion tween animation?

To define and control the elements being animated

What does a motion tween animation show in Animate CC?

An object’s movement from one position to another

Test your knowledge about creating shape tween animations in Adobe Animate CC. Learn about the requirements and steps to make a successful shape tween animation.

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