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What is the primary file type you work within Adobe Animate?

FLA files

Which file type in Adobe Animate is uncompressed and similar to FLA files?

Uncompressed XFL files

What type of files do you use to add ActionScript code in Adobe Animate?

JSFL files

Which file type in Animate represents the content objects like graphic, text, sound, and video objects?

FLA files

Which file type is NOT mentioned as one of the supported file types in Animate?

PNG files

What does the acronym 'XFL' stand for in Adobe Animate?

Extended Flash File

What is the purpose of SWF files in Animate projects?

To display files on a web page

Which file type is used to keep ActionScript code outside of FLA files for better organization?

AS files

What do SWC files contain?

Compiled movie clips and ActionScript code

Which file extension is specifically designed for server-side ActionScript logic in Adobe Media Server?

ASC files

Can SWC files be imported into Animate projects?

No, they cannot be imported into Animate

Which file format is an open standard supported by various applications?

.SWF files

How can you open an Adobe Animate CC file?

Use Ctrl + O on the keyboard

Which action saves changes to an Adobe Animate FLA document with the current name and location?

Select File>Save

What appears after the document name when it contains unsaved changes in Adobe Animate CC?

An asterisk (*)

How do you save an Adobe Animate CC file with a different name or location?

Click File>Save As

Which shortcut key combination is used to save changes to an Adobe Animate FLA document?

Ctrl + S

How can you overwrite the current version of an Adobe Animate FLA document on disk?

Select File>Save

Test your knowledge on Adobe Animate CC, a multimedia authoring and computer animation program. Learn about working with different file types, raster graphics, rich text, and more.

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