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What is a keyframe in classic tween animation?

A keyframe in classic tween animation is a significant point in the animation where changes are defined.

How are interpolated frames represented in a tweened animation?

The interpolated frames of a tweened animation appear as light blue with an arrow drawn between keyframes.

How are keyframes indicated in the Timeline?

Keyframes are indicated in the Timeline by a solid circle representing a keyframe with content on it, and an empty circle before the frame representing an empty keyframe.

What is editable in a classic tween animation?

Only keyframes are editable in a classic tween animation.

How can you edit tweened frames in classic tween animation?

To edit tweened frames, you can change one of the defining keyframes or insert a new keyframe.

Test your knowledge of classic tween animation in Adobe Animate with this quiz. Explore keyframe definitions, tweened animation, and the creation of interpolated frames.

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