Anatomy: Dorsal and Ventral Nerves, Brainstem, and Spinal Cord Functions

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What is the role of neurotransmitters in neural communication?

Emit chemicals when the signal reaches the terminal buttons

Which part of the neuron receives the signal first from another neuron?


What is the function of the axon in neural communication?

Transmit information to other neurons

What is the resting membrane potential state characterized by?

More negatively charged ions inside the neuron

What triggers the opening of gates in the cell membrane of a neuron?

Strong electrical signal from dendrites

Which part of the neuron is responsible for emitting neurotransmitters?

Terminal buttons

What is the term for the change in electrical charge that occurs in a neuron during transmission of a nerve impulse?

Action potential

Learn about the functions of dorsal nerves which receive sensory information, ventral nerves which send signals to muscles and organs, the brainstem's role in overseeing basic life support functions, and the spinal cord's importance in transmitting signals. Explore the nervous system's crucial components.

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