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Who declared that anarchy was associated with a positive and systematic set of political ideas?

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Which movement did Proudhon's followers join in 1864?

International Workingmen's Association

Who sought mass support amongst the landless peasants of Russia and southern Europe in the late nineteenth century?


Who produced the first, and in a sense classic, statement of anarchist principles in his 'Enquiry Concerning Political Justice'?

William Godwin

Which movement collapsed in 1871 due to growing antagonism between Marxists and anarchists led by Michael Bakunin?

First International

What does the word 'anarchy' literally mean?

Without rule

How did Pierre-Joseph Proudhon describe the association of anarchy?

With positive and systematic political ideas

What did anarchists advocate in terms of law and government?

Complete abolition

What did anarchists regard violence as?

Morally unacceptable

Which movement did Proudhon's followers join in 1864?

First International

Test your knowledge of the principles and history of anarchism with this introductory quiz. Explore the origins of the term, key figures, and core beliefs of the anarchist movement.

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