Altitude Indicators and Rate-of-Climb Instruments Quiz

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Which of the following best describes the purpose of the air metering unit in the sensing system?

To create a lag in static pressure

What are the three principal components of a pneumatic type of indicator?

Capsule-type sensing element, indicating element, and metering unit

What is the purpose of the rate-of-climb indicator?

To determine vertical speed

Where is the zero position on the dial presentation of the rate-of-climb indicator?

9 O'clock position

What is the relationship between the rate at which the static pressure changes and vertical speed?

They are inversely proportional

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the capillary tube in the sensing system?

To prevent pressure surges from reaching the capsule

What is the reason for the capillary tube being longer in the sensing system?

To increase the flexibility and sensitivity of the capsule

Where is the other end of the metering unit open to in the sensing system?

The interior of the case

Test your knowledge of altitude indicators and rate-of-climb instruments in aviation with this quiz. Learn about the role of differential pressure gauges and static pressure in measuring altitude change and vertical speed.

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