Altitude and Distance from Sea: Effects on Climate

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What is the term for the process of transferring molten rock from one subsurface location to another or its explosion onto the surface?


What is the point on the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake?


What is the term for the layer of the atmosphere that lies above the stratosphere?


What is the name of the depression formed between two parallel faults?

Rift valley

What is the term for the moment when the center of the visible sun is directly above the equator?


What is the term for elongated cracks on the slopes of a volcano?


What is the name of the type of mountains formed from metamorphic rocks?

Fold Mountains

What is the term for the high temperature of the earth's surface that causes land to absorb and lose heat quickly?

Land heating

What is the term for the type of ocean currents that make coastal lands drier and cooler?

Cold ocean currents

What is the term for the type of rocks that are formed from the accumulation of loose rock fragments?


Test your knowledge on how altitude and distance from the sea impact temperature. Learn about the normal lapse rate and its effects on climate, especially in highland areas like Ethiopia.

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