Alternative Solutions for Sustainable Development

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What is the primary function of the atmosphere?

To sustain life on the Earth

What percentage of the Earth's water is available as fresh surface water?


What is the term used to describe the external forces, influences, and conditions that affect living organisms?


What is the largest component of the Earth's atmosphere?


What is the primary source of freshwater on Earth?

Polar icecaps and glaciers

What is the term used to describe the protective blanket of gases surrounding the Earth?


What is the ultimate goal of sustainable development?

Environmentally sound and sustainable development

Why is it essential to adopt an alternative solution for development?

To reduce environmental impact

What is the consequence of our development activities on the environment?

Constricting the environment and depleting the biosphere

What is necessary for the sustenance of the environment and development?

Ecological planning

What is the significance of holism in ecology?

It is the real base of ecology

What are the four basic principles of ecology according to Misra's Report (1991)?

Holism, ecosystem, succession, and conservation

What is the primary reason why environmental issues have become significant?

Because they are global issues requiring international cooperation

What has been the consequence of development in the wake of development?

An increase in environmental pollution and degradation

What is the significance of the fact that India has 16 per cent of the world's population and only 2.4 per cent of its land area?

It puts heavy pressure on the natural resources including land

What has the North managed to do with its 'dirty' factories?

Moved them to the South

What is a major environmental problem recognized by agricultural experts?

All of the above

Why is it undesirable for the developing world to follow the same path as the West in terms of environmental impact?

Because it is not a practicable path

This quiz explores the need for alternative solutions for sustainable development, particularly in developing countries. It discusses the importance of environmentally sound and sustainable development goals that cater to all citizens of the earth, moving away from over-consuming and wasteful societies.

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