Advertising and Public Relations

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What is the main purpose of advertising according to the text?

To engage consumers and inform them about product benefits

What is the least used major promotion tool according to the text?

Public relations

How much do American marketers spend annually on advertising?

$210 billion

Which decision making process involves deciding about the advertising objectives, budget, messages, media, and evaluation of results?

Advertising decision making

What is the goal of advertising according to the text?

To engage consumers and inform them about product benefits

Which tool has great potential for building consumer awareness and preference but is the least used?

Public relations

What does advertising involve setting in terms of objectives?

Clear target, task, and timing objectives

Which promotion tool is used by a wide range of not-for-profit organizations, professionals, and social agencies?


Which tool involves engaging the company’s various publics and building good relations with them?

Public relations

What does advertising aim to move consumers through according to the text?

Awareness stages

Which promotion tool has the most potential for building consumer awareness and preference?

Public relations

What is involved in advertising decision making according to the text?

Setting clear target, task, and timing objectives

What are the two major elements of advertising strategy?

Creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media

Why is it mentioned that setting the advertising budget is no easy task?

Because top management is increasingly interested in evaluating the return on advertising investment

What does the merging of advertising and entertainment aim to achieve?

Reduced clutter in advertising messages

Why has public relations (PR) become increasingly important in the digital age?

To engage and build good relationships with consumers, investors, and the media

What is an important characteristic of today’s advertising messages, according to the text?

Being better planned and more imaginative

What are some tools used by PR professionals to communicate with their publics?

Preparing news and special events

What has become an increasingly important PR channel in the digital age?

Websites, blogs, and social media

What is one reason why PR can have a strong impact on public awareness at a lower cost than advertising?

Because PR results can sometimes be spectacular

Why do message and media decisions need to be closely coordinated?

For maximum campaign effectiveness

What role does public relations (PR) play in today’s marketing environment?

An increasingly important brand-building role

How do companies use PR to promote products according to the text?

By contributing money and time to public service activities

What is a hot issue for most companies according to the text?

Evaluating communication and sales effects of advertising

Learn about the importance of advertising and public relations in engaging consumers, informing them about product benefits, and positioning products effectively in the market. Explore the use of paid media and persuasive communication in the promotion of products and organizations.

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