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What was one of the weaknesses that Kasparov pinpointed in Deep Blue?

Inability to play adaptable human opponents

What system configuration allowed the 1997 version of Deep Blue to reach about one billion chess positions per second?

480 chess chips

What feature of the alpha-beta algorithm helped increase the search speed for Deep Blue in 1997?

40 billion search times increase

Which game involved a partial game tree shown in the text?


What was the goal of Backgammon as described in the text?

Move all pieces off the board before the opponent does

What is a defining characteristic of Stochastic games mentioned in the text?

Inclusion of a random element like throwing a die

What is the maximum number of children a node can have in a Binary Tree?

At most two children

Which search algorithm has a bigger issue with memory requirements compared to execution time?

Breadth First Search

What is the time complexity of Depth First Search in terms of number of nodes stored?


What type of heuristic function is used in Informed Search like A* search?

Admissible heuristic function

What does the evaluation function f(n) comprise in Best First Search algorithms?

$f(n) = g(n) + h(n)$

What is the purpose of the straight-line distance heuristic in Informed Search?

To estimate the cost of reaching the goal state from any node

What was Kasparov's rating at an all-time high?


Which chess program first demonstrated the effectiveness of an engineering approach emphasizing hardware speed?

Chess 4.5

Which chess machine became the first national master program in the early 1980s?


In which year did Deep Thought II claim a spot as a top chess program in the world?


Which chess machine won the second Fredkin Intermediate Prize for Grandmaster-level performance in 1988?

Deep Blue

In which year did Deep Blue debut in the first Kasparov versus Deep Blue match?


What is the Minimax principle in adversarial search?

Computing the utility of being in a state assuming both players play optimally

In Minimax, what is the value of a MAX node?

The highest value of all successor node values

How many legal moves, on average, are there in Tic-Tac-Toe?


What does 'bd' represent in the context of Chess in Minimax?

Product of the average branching factor and depth

In multiplayer games with limited time, why is it not practical to search all leaves?

Due to constraints on time available for search

What is one solution to make Minimax practical with limited time in multiplayer games?

Replace terminal evaluation with positions closer to the root

What is the purpose of using pruning in a game tree?

To eliminate large parts of the tree

In the expression Minimax(root) = max(min(3, 12, 8), min(2, X, Y), min(14, 5, 2)), what does the 'min' function do?

Selects the minimum value

What values do 'X' and 'Y' represent in the expression Minimax(root) = max(min(3, 12, 8), min(2, X , Y), min(14, 5, 2))?

Unknown values

What is the purpose of keeping track of 'alpha' and 'beta' in a game tree search?

To set bounds for minimizing search area

How are Minimax decisions affected by the values of 'A', 'B', and 'Z'?

'A', 'B', and 'Z' are independent of Minimax decisions

Which strategy is mentioned as performing a DFS (Depth-First Search) similar to Minimax?

'Alpha-beta pruning'

Test your knowledge on finding optimal strategies for Max using the minimax principle in adversarial search. Learn about depth-first search of game trees, identifying optimal leaf nodes, and propagating minimax values up the tree.

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