Adversarial Search in Multi-Agent Environment

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What is the term used for an environment with more than one agent, where each agent is an opponent of the other?

Adversarial environment

Why is game playing considered an attractive area for AI research?

Because it offers a pure abstraction of competition between two armies

What did Claude Shannon and Alan Turing do in 1950 related to game programs?

They developed the first game program for chess

Why are adversarial searches often known as games?

Because they involve two or more players with conflicting goals exploring the same search space

What is the key to success in adversarial situations?

Being able to think several moves ahead

What type of game involves complete information about the game and allows agents to see each other's moves?

Perfect information game

Which game type is characterized by having various unpredictable events and introduces factors of chance or luck?

Non-deterministic game

In which type of games is each agent's gain or loss of utility exactly balanced by the gains or losses of utility of another agent?

Zero-sum game

What is the algorithm used to choose an optimal move for a player, assuming that the other player is also playing optimally?

Minimax algorithm

What does the successor function define in a game tree?

The legal moves a player can make

Explore the concept of adversarial search in multi-agent environments where each agent is an opponent of another, and they play against each other. Understand how agents need to consider the actions of their opponents and the effects of those actions.

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