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In civil law countries, how do specialized courts handle administrative cases?

They apply procedural rules specifically designed for administrative cases

What has the influence of supranational legal orders led to in administrative law?

Changes in traditional concepts of the administrative law model

What has been possible within the United Nations' system due to the influence of supranational legal orders?

Assist to a further increase of administrative structure in certain sectors

How do civil law jurisdictions differ from most common law jurisdictions in handling administrative cases?

They have specialized courts or sections for administrative cases

What has administrative law in civil law countries opened itself to in the last fifty years?

Influence of rules posed by supranational legal orders

Test your knowledge of administrative law with this quiz. Explore the principles and regulations governing the activities of executive branch agencies, rule making, adjudication, and enforcement of laws. Brush up on your understanding of this branch of public law and its impact on decision-making within administrative bodies.

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