Adaptations of the Mountain Hare

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What is the purpose of the mountain hare's white fur in winter?

To provide camouflage protection

How do the mountain hare's ears differ from hares living in lowlands?

They are smaller to reduce heat loss

What triggers the mountain hare to moult its summer coat?

Shortening hours of daylight

Why does the mountain hare have large eyes?

To keep a lookout for predators

What is the main reason for the mountain hare to blend in with its environment?

Protection from predators

How does the golden eagle locate the mountain hare during a hunt?

By using its keen eyesight

Study Notes

Mountain Hare Adaptations

  • The mountain hare's white fur in winter serves as camouflage in snowy environments, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings.

Ear Structure

  • The mountain hare's ears are shorter and more rounded than those of hares living in lowlands, an adaptation to conserve heat in cold climates.


  • The mountain hare's moult from its summer coat is triggered by the decrease in daylight hours, allowing it to switch to its winter coat.

Eye Structure

  • The mountain hare's large eyes are an adaptation to detect predators in its vast, open habitats, providing it with a wider field of vision.


  • The mountain hare's ability to blend in with its environment is crucial for survival, as it protects it from predators such as the golden eagle.

Predator Avoidance

  • The golden eagle locates the mountain hare during a hunt by scanning the landscape for any signs of movement or discoloration, making the hare's camouflage essential for survival.

Learn about how the mountain hare is well adapted to its high mountain habitat, including its unique physical features such as huge eyes, small ears, and changing fur color for camouflage. Discover how these adaptations help the hare survive in its environment.

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