16 Nutrition in Infancy: Key Terms Quiz

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What determines an infant's birth weight?

Length of gestation, mother's prepregnancy weight, and mother's weight gain during gestation

When do most genetically determined larger infants reach their growth channel?

3-6 months of age

How does the adequacy of infants’ nutrient intakes affect their interaction with the environment?

It provides the energy to respond to and learn from stimuli in the environment

What is the catch-up growth in infants?

A period of accelerated growth after a period of slow growth or undernourishment

What is the significance of the growth channel for infants?

It represents a curve of weight and length or height gain throughout the period of growth

What influences the growth of an infant after birth?

Genetics and nourishment

What is the term for the phenomenon where infants born smaller at birth grow at their fetal rate for several months and often do not reach their growth channel until 13 months of age?

Lag-down growth

Which anthropometric data is routinely collected and monitored to track growth in infancy?

Head circumference

At what age do infants usually double their birth weight?

4-6 months

What percentage of weight loss in the newborn period indicates a need for further assessment regarding adequacy of feeding?


What percentage of the reference population does an infant at the 75th percentile for weight-for-age weigh the same or more than?


At what age do infants usually triple their birth weight?

1 year

How much does an infant's length increase by during the first year of life?


By what age do infants usually double their length?

4 years

Test your knowledge of key terms related to nutrition in infancy with this quiz. Explore concepts such as arachidonic acid, catch-up growth, colostrum, and more.

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