World War I Mobilization and Eastern Front

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What was the Schlieffen Plan?

A plan to defeat France by invading through neutral Belgium with an overwhelming force

What action led Great Britain to declare war on Germany?

Germany's violation of Belgium's neutrality

What made the conflict a true 'world war'?

Britain's declaration of war on Germany

Which countries were known as the Central Powers?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire

Which country captured Jerusalem during World War I?

Great Britain

What did Britain and Germany do on the high seas during the war?

Blocked each other's ports

What was the main reason for the German forces to transfer some troops back to Germany?

To protect Germany from a potential Russian attack

Which battlefront was dissolved due to Russia's withdrawal from the war in December 1917?

Eastern Front

Which new weapon contributed to the shocking destruction of World War I by firing 600 bullets per minute?

Machine gun

What type of war was World War I characterized as due to the mobilization of all resources, both military and civilian, to win the war?

Total war

Test your knowledge of the resources mobilization and Eastern Front battle zones during World War I. Learn about the societal focus on the war effort and the bloody fighting in Eastern Europe.

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