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What is the period of events before the invention of writing systems considered?


What sources do historians use to seek knowledge of the past?

Written documents, oral accounts, art, and material artifacts

What does history as an academic discipline use to describe, examine, and analyze past events?


What do historians debate in relation to historical events?

The narrative that best explains an event and the significance of different causes and effects

What is history considered to be as an academic discipline?

An inquiry and knowledge acquired by investigation

What unifying theme in biology explains the unity and diversity of life?


Which of the following is a key component of all organisms and processes hereditary information encoded in genes?


What allows organisms to move, grow, and reproduce in biology?

Energy processing

At what levels of organization do biologists study life?

From molecular biology to the evolution of populations

What do biologists use to make observations, pose questions, and conduct experiments?

Scientific method

Test your knowledge of historical events, figures, and developments with this quiz on world history. From ancient civilizations to modern times, challenge yourself with questions on key moments and influential individuals that have shaped the course of human history.

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