Working with Big Data: Tools and Technologies

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What is the primary function of Predictive Data Analytics in businesses?

To alert businesses of important activity ahead of time

What type of data does a Data Lake store?

All types of data, including structured and unstructured data

What is the primary characteristic of semi-structured data?

It has some organizational properties but lacks a fixed schema

Which of the following is a fully managed NoSQL database service?

Amazon DynamoDB

What is the primary function of Chatbots in businesses?

To perform text analysis to route customer questions to appropriate answer sources

Which of the following is a distributed storage that can store any file format in a scalable manner?


What is the primary purpose of collecting and analyzing data?

To gain a competitive edge and improve operations

What percentage of all data is structured data?

5% to 10%

What is an example of a source of structured data?

Sensors such as GPS and RFID tags

What is the significance of big data and data analytics?

To gain a competitive edge and improve operations

What is the characteristic of structured data?

It has a well-defined structure or adheres to a specified data model

What is the primary difference between structured and unstructured data?

Structured data has a well-defined structure, while unstructured data does not

What is a significant role of unstructured data in?

Big data analytics

What type of analysis is involved in sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and trend detection?

Text Analysis

What is a challenge of working with unstructured data?

It is inherently complex

What is required to prepare and analyze unstructured data?

Data science expertise

What is an application of unstructured data in business?

To identify consumer behavior, product sentiment, and purchasing patterns

What is a limitation of working with unstructured data?

Limited product choices for data managers

Test your knowledge of big data tools and technologies, including predictive data analytics, chatbots, MongoDB, Hadoop, and more. Learn how these tools help businesses make informed decisions and improve customer interactions.

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