Work and Energy in Physics

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What is the equation for work when the force and displacement are constant and aligned?

$W = |F||s| \cos(\theta)$

When does a force do negative work?

When it has a component opposite to the direction of the displacement

What happens to work done by gravitational force on a ball when it is thrown upwards?

The work done by gravitational force is negative

What type of quantity is work?


What is the SI unit of work?

Joule (J)

What is the unit of measurement for energy in the International System of Units (SI)?


According to the law of conservation of energy, what can be done to energy?

Converted in form, but not created or destroyed

What type of energy is associated with chemical reactions?

Chemical energy

What does mass–energy equivalence imply about an object's total mass and energy?

Any additional energy acquired by the object above its rest energy will increase its total mass

What does human civilization require to function, obtained from various resources such as fossil fuels and renewable energy?


Test your understanding of the concept of work in physics, including the relationship between force, displacement, and energy transfer.

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