WiMAX Technology Overview

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What type of media access control (MAC) layer mechanism does WiMAX use for data exchange?

Request-grant mechanism

What feature of WiMAX allows better utilization of radio resources, especially with smart antennas?

Grant-request mechanism

How does WiMAX simplify the support of real-time and voice applications?

Through independent management of user traffic

Which security protocol is used by WiMAX for user authentication?

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

What encryption standards are used by WiMAX for data encryption?

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

What is the minimum channel bandwidth required for WiMAX usage?

1.75 MHz per channel

What is one advantage of WiMAX technology mentioned in the text?

Quality of Service (QoS) awareness

Where does WiMAX technology aim to bridge the digital divide?

Low-density areas with challenging broadband deployment

What is IEEE 802.16a/REVd/e commonly referred to as?


Which statement is true about WiMAX's coverage capabilities?

Can provide citywide coverage

What is a key feature of WiMAX technology for mobility?

Quality of Service (QoS) awareness

Why is WiMAX considered a substitute for copper in some areas?

When copper quality is poor or unbundling is difficult

What is the data rate offered by WiMAX technology per base station?

Up to 75 Mbit/s

In terms of range, how far can WiMAX technology typically reach?

Up to 50 km

What type of terminals can WiMAX technology provide high-speed data services to?

PDAs and laptops

Compared to 3G technology, what advantage does WiMAX offer in terms of cost and performance?

Better cost : performance ratio

Which organization has been serving enterprises and operators with Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) for years?


Learn about the features of WiMAX technology, including the grant-request mechanism at the MAC layer, efficient radio resource utilization with smart antennas, and support for real-time applications. Explore how WiMAX offers more flexibility and security compared to WLAN.

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