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What are the key components of identifying vulnerabilities?

What are the vulnerabilities? Who might exploit the vulnerabilities? What are the consequences if the vulnerability is exploited?

Provide an example of a threat to an e-banking system.

Internal system compromise, Stolen customer data, Phony transactions, Insider attack on the system, Data input errors, Data center destruction

What are the potential consequences of exploiting vulnerabilities in an e-banking system?

Loss of customer data, financial fraud, system downtime, compromised integrity of transactions

Study Notes

Identifying Vulnerabilities

  • Key components of identifying vulnerabilities include:
    • Network mapping to identify open ports and services
    • Network sniffing to capture and analyze network traffic
    • Vulnerability scanning to identify potential weaknesses
    • Penetration testing to simulate real-world attacks

Threat to E-Banking System

  • Example of a threat to an e-banking system: Phishing attack, where an attacker sends a fraudulent email or message to trick users into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials or credit card numbers

Consequences of Exploiting Vulnerabilities

  • Potential consequences of exploiting vulnerabilities in an e-banking system include:
    • Unauthorized access to user accounts and sensitive information
    • Financial loss due to theft or fraudulent transactions
    • Damage to the organization's reputation and loss of customer trust
    • Compliance and regulatory issues, potentially leading to legal action

Test your knowledge on identifying vulnerabilities in systems and understanding the potential threats and consequences associated with them.

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