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What does the term 'volatile' mean?

Easily evaporating at normal temperatures

In what context is the term 'volatile' commonly used?

Finance and investment markets

Which of the following is a characteristic of volatile substances?

Low boiling point

Study Notes

Understanding Volatile

  • The term 'volatile' refers to a substance that evaporates quickly, often at room temperature or below.

Context of Volatile

  • The term 'volatile' is commonly used in chemistry, specifically in the context of describing the properties of substances that can change state from liquid to gas quickly.

Characteristics of Volatile Substances

  • A characteristic of volatile substances is that they have a low boiling point, which means they can change from a liquid to a gas at a relatively low temperature.

Test your knowledge of the term 'volatile' with this quiz. Explore the meaning of 'volatile' and its common usage in various contexts. Identify the characteristic of volatile substances in this engaging quiz.

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