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What does the word 'insolent' mean?

Boldly rude or disrespectful

Which word best represents 'a feeling of fear or dread about something that may happen'?


What does 'deferential' mean?

Showing respect

Which term best describes 'the ability to speak fluently and clearly and explain well'?


What is the meaning of the word 'ostentatiously'?

In a showy manner intended to attract notice

Which word is closest in meaning to 'cogitation'?

Thoughtful consideration

What does the term 'valedictory' relate to?

Pertaining to a farewell

Which word best represents 'refusing to change one's mind or course of action'?


Test your knowledge of vocabulary with this quiz on words and their meanings. Match the words like 'reproach' and 'insolent' to their respective definitions.

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