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What is a chatbot?

A computer program that is designed to simulate conversation with human users

What is the primary goal of predictive analytics?

To make informed predictions or forecasts

What is the term for a website or social media post that is designed to attract clicks, often with sensational or misleading content?


What is the term for a person who posts inflammatory or off-topic comments online?


What is the term for a set of rules that are used to train a machine learning model?


What is the process of automatically discovering patterns and relationships in large datasets?

Data mining

A type of cybercrime in which attackers try to trick victims into revealing sensitive information is known as?


Which of the following is a well-defined procedure that takes some data and produces a corresponding output?


The process of constructing a model that can make predictions based on data is known as?

Machine learning

What is the term for the practice of exploring and analyzing large datasets to identify patterns and relationships?

Data mining

Test your knowledge of tech lingo with this vocabulary quiz! From chatbot to algorithm, familiarize yourself with terms like datamining, hyperparameter, predictive analytics, clickbait, phishing, and troll.

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