Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

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What are the two main ingredients needed for the rice paper rolls?

rice paper wraps and rice vermicelli

What are the herbs and vegetables that go inside the rice paper rolls?

bits of cucumber, mint, coriander, and spring onions

What type of noodles are used in the recipe and how are they prepared?

rice vermicelli, rehydrated with hot water and seasoned with soy sauce, fish sauce, and rice wine vinegar

What is the purpose of rehydrating the rice vermicelli?

To make them soft and ready to be used as filling for the rice paper rolls

What is the significance of using Thai basil in the recipe?

Thai basil adds a unique flavor, but coriander can be used as a substitute if Thai basil is not available

Test your knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine with this quiz about making rice paper rolls. Learn about the ingredients and techniques involved in creating this delicious and versatile dish.

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