Veterinary Clinical Services and the Nigerian Fisheries Industry

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What is a prerequisite for effective disease control in fish?

Efficient diagnosis

Who is extensively trained in diagnostic methods for fish diseases?


What is vital to prevent environmental pollution and antimicrobial resistance in fish disease control?

Appropriate use of chemicals and drugs

Where are emerging diseases in farmed and wild fish populations requiring in-depth studies conducted?

Research Institutes

What process demands veterinary expertise for drug and vaccine development?

Dynamic process requiring veterinary expertise

What is targeted at ensuring the wholesomeness of processed fish products?

Quality assurance

Who is trained to be versatile in product development and value addition in the fisheries industry?


What sector benefits greatly from the role of Veterinarians in sustainable fisheries development?


Which profession plays a crucial role in drug and vaccine development for fish diseases?


What important role does the text associate with Veterinarians in the fish industry development?


This quiz covers the topic of veterinary clinical services in relation to the Nigerian fisheries industry, discussing the importance of fish as a food source and for recreational purposes. The content is based on the work by Dr. G.A. Oladosu from the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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