Vascular Lesions of the Brain I: Infarction Overview

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What is the appearance of infarction in the brain?

Liquefactive necrosis

Which of the following conditions is NOT typically linked to embolic infarction of the brain?


What is the most common cause of thrombotic occlusion resulting in cerebral infarction?


In which type of cerebral aneurysm does arterial wall weakening result from mild infection?

Mycotic Aneurysm

What is the characteristic presentation of atherosclerotic aneurysms in severe atherosclerosis patients?

Fusiform dilatation

Which type of intracranial hemorrhage is characterized by arterial blood accumulation between the dura and skull bone?

Extradural Hemorrhage

What causes subdural hemorrhage in the brain?

Venous blood accumulation

Which of the following can cause a subarachnoid hemorrhage?

Aneurysm rupture

What is the primary cause of petechial hemorrhage in the brain?


In massive cerebral hemorrhage, what is it often linked to?


Learn about vascular lesions of the brain with a focus on infarction, a condition caused by reduced blood flow resulting in liquefactive necrosis. Understand the appearance, causes, and manifestations of brain infarction.

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