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What is a live attenuated vaccine?

A vaccine with modified antigens that are still live

What is the primary risk associated with live attenuated vaccines?

They can induce illness in immunocompromised individuals

Why are live attenuated vaccines considered labile?

Because they are easily affected by external factors

How are live attenuated vaccines different from the wild strain of the disease?

They induce a milder form of the disease compared to the wild strain

Why do frozen vaccines need to be transported in a special cooler?

To keep them at the right temperature and storage conditions

What can interfere with the immune response when giving live attenuated vaccines?

Antibodies circulating in the patient's body

Why is a booster dose given for live attenuated vaccines in the US?

To prevent coverage in case the first shot failed

What distinguishes inactivated vaccines from live vaccines?

Inactivated vaccines cannot replicate inside the body to cause disease

Which organization is responsible for creating the immunization schedules and recommendations?

American Academy of Pediatrics

What is the purpose of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)?

To provide guidance on vaccine administration

Which vaccine is mentioned as being given intranasally?


Why are inactivated vaccines mostly given with a lot of boosters?

It takes a lot of antigen to stimulate the immune response

What distinguishes live attenuated vaccines from inactivated vaccines?

Live attenuated vaccines contain live viruses that can replicate inside the body

What type of vaccine is VARIVAX, mentioned in the text?

Live attenuated vaccine

What role do antibodies circulating in the patient's body play when giving live attenuated vaccines?

They can interfere with the immune response to the vaccine

Why are booster shots needed for inactivated vaccines like DTaP?

To prevent coverage in case the first shot failed or didn't take

At what age can Pneumococcal vaccine be given?

6 weeks

When is the catch-up schedule for Pneumococcal vaccine needed?

At 2 years old

Who needs both the pneumococcal (PCV) and PCV 23 vaccines?

Children with chronic diseases like asthma

Why can't the 23-valent vaccine be used in younger children?

Younger children don't respond well to this vaccine

At what age does the Hepatitis A vaccine typically start?

1 year

How much time should be between the two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine?

6 months

When is the MCV4 meningococcal vaccine typically given to children?

At 11-12 years old

When is the booster dose of MCV4 meningococcal vaccine given?

After age 16-18

What is the purpose of Trumenba or Bexsero vaccines?

To prevent meningitis B in close quarters living

What is the most common complication seen from influenza?

Secondary pneumonia from a bacteria

What is the danger associated with influenza in children?

Development of Reyes syndrome

What is the typical symptom of having flu A?

Terrible muscle aches and headaches

Why do some patients refuse to take the flu shot?

They believe they can get the flu from the vaccine

Why do children need to receive a double dose of the influenza vaccine?

Because one dose is not sufficient for them

What is important for parents to know about children getting their first round of flu vaccine?

They need to receive a split dose of the vaccine

Who is recommended to receive the FluMist vaccine?

Healthy individuals or those who refuse to take a shot

Why are patients advised that they cannot get the flu from the non-live vaccine?

To address misconceptions about getting ill from the vaccine

What should patients know about the timing of flu vaccine's full effect?

$10 to $14 days

'Do I have the flu?' What does this question emphasize?

'I've got allergies today'

What is important for healthcare professionals during flu season in relation to educating patients?

Discussing with patients that they can get the flu after getting a flu shot if not enough time has passed for immunity to develop

When is the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine typically given to a newborn?

At birth, within the first 48 hours

What is the primary benefit of combination vaccines like Pediarix and Pentacel?

They require fewer vaccine doses for the child

What is the recommended schedule for administering DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis) vaccine?

2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 15 months

What does HBIG refer to in the context of hepatitis B vaccination?

Hepatitis B Immune Globulin

What is the consequence if the last DTaP dose was given after the fourth birthday?

The child doesn't need a fifth dose

What is the significance of not restarting a series for hepatitis B vaccines?

It ensures timely administration of subsequent doses

What is the purpose of giving HBIG within 12 hours of birth to newborns?

To prevent the transmission of hepatitis B from mother to baby

What happens if a patient had two hepatitis B vaccines and then didn't receive another one for four years?

The last dose needs to be given without restarting the series

Why is it important to use the same DTaP product for all doses if possible?

To reduce confusion and errors in vaccination records

At what age can the fourth dose of DTaP be administered if six months have elapsed since the third dose?

15 months

What should be done if a child is unlikely to return at age 15 to 16 months for DTaP vaccination?

Administer Tdap instead of DTaP at age 12 months

At what age can the HPV vaccine be given?

9 years

What is the minimum time gap required between doses of the HPV vaccine?

4 weeks

Why does the text mention that dose three of the HPV vaccine, if given after the fourth birthday, does not need a fourth dose?

To emphasize the importance of timely vaccination

What is the required time gap between doses for a three-dose series of the HPV vaccine?

12 weeks

Why is it mentioned that if a patient has two doses of the HPV vaccine before their 16th birthday, that's considered a complete series?

To demonstrate the efficacy of a reduced dosage regimen

At what age can the varicella vaccine dosage number one be given?

12 months

Why does the text emphasize that varicella dose number one should be given on or after the first birthday?

To avoid complications from early vaccination

What is the minimum time gap for giving a booster dose of varicella after the first dose?

3 months

What concept is referred to as 'live to live' in the context of vaccines?

'Same day' concept

Why does the text emphasize that varicella and MMR vaccines cannot be given together if they are requested a few days apart?

To highlight potential adverse effects on immune system.

What makes varicella vaccine a tough vaccine mentioned in the text?

It requires special handling due to its frozen state.

What role does insurance play in encouraging early administration of HPV vaccine mentioned in the text?

It assesses vaccination practices based on patient age.

What is the main reason for recommending Tdap for kids ages 11 to 18?

To prevent pertussis primarily

When should moms be vaccinated with Tdap according to the new recommendation?

After 20 weeks gestation

What is the purpose of vaccinating pregnant moms with Tdap?

To protect the fetus from pertussis

At what age is Tdap used if a patient didn't complete the primary Dtap series?

At age 7

What is the primary difference between Tdap and Dtap vaccines?

The target age groups

What is the main focus of immunization with Tdap for pregnant women?

Preventing pertussis in infants

Why can Tdap be administered to babies as early as six weeks of age?

To ensure timely immunization in exceptional circumstances

What is the primary concern regarding pertussis that drives the recommendation for Tdap vaccination?

Its increasing prevalence globally

What is the main objective of recommending Tdap with every single pregnancy?

To transfer antibodies to each fetus and protect against pertussis

What distinguishes Tdap from DTaP in terms of vaccination schedule?

Age criteria for vaccine administration

Why does the text emphasize administering Tdap to pregnant moms even after childbirth?

To help maintain maternal immunity against pertussis

What drives the recommendation to use Tdap in place of Dtap for patients who missed the primary Dtap series?

Need to ensure complete protection against pertussis at older ages

This quiz covers the vaccination schedule for infants and children, including the HIB vaccine and pneumococcal vaccination. It explores the recommended timing and dosage for these vaccinations, particularly for healthy children and those with chronic diseases.

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