Reproductive system Lecture 4

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What is the result of cleavage during embryonic development?

Partitioning of the cytoplasm into many smaller cells

What is the embryonic structure formed during gastrulation?


How is the embryo nourished during development?

Through the placenta by umbilical cord

What induces childbirth in humans?

Hormonal response

When does the blastula form during embryonic development?

After about five to seven cleavage divisions

What happens to the rate of cell division during gastrulation?

It slows down

What is the future function of the primitive digestive tube formed during gastrulation?

Future mouth

Where does gametogenesis occur in males?


What is the female gamete called?


At birth, where are all the primary oocytes a female will ever have present?

Paused in meiosis I

What is the sac which contains an oocyte called?


What happens to the secondary oocyte during ovulation?

It leaves the ovary

What induces the completion of meiosis II in the oocyte?

Entry of a sperm nucleus

Where does fertilization occur?

Fallopian tube

What is the site of gamete production in the reproductive system?

Testes in males and ovaries in females

What is the name of the cells in male gonads that are involved in gametogenesis?


At what stage does a secondary oocyte stop during meiosis?

Halfway through meiosis II

What is the name of the empty remains of the follicle after ovulation?

Corpus luteum

What alters the membrane of the oocyte to prevent attachment of other sperm?

Entry of one sperm nucleus

Test your knowledge about the reproductive system, including the process of gametogenesis and the role of male and female gonads in producing sperm and eggs. Learn about the transformation of spermatocytes and oocytes into haploid gametes through meiosis.

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