Using Evidence in Health Promotion

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Why is it important for a nurse to look beyond the individual client when performing a health assessment?

To consider the impact of culture, family, and community on the client's health

Which of the following is considered a type of collaborative problem in health assessment?


What is the source of primary data in a health assessment?

Client or patient

What is the basis for the selection of nursing interventions in a health assessment?

Nursing diagnosis

In a health assessment, what does a nursing diagnosis refer to?

Clinical judgment about client's responses by a nurse

Which type of data collection method involves obtaining information from patient records?

Secondary data

What distinguishes collaborative problems from nursing diagnoses in health assessment?

Collaborative problems involve complications arising from medical conditions, while nursing diagnoses are a nurse's clinical judgment.

What is the purpose of assessing lifestyle in a health assessment?

To understand how personal choices may impact health

Why is it important to consider social support systems in a health assessment?

They contribute to the client's overall well-being and recovery

Which position might lead to decreased venous return to the heart and an increased risk for deep vein thrombosis?

Jackknife position

What does the kidney position allow access and visualization of?

Retroperitoneal area

Which physical examination technique involves observing and detecting normal or abnormal findings using vision, smell, and hearing?


During palpation, which part of the hand is used to feel for texture, temperature, moisture, and mobility?


Which type of palpation should result in very little or no depression?

Light palpation

Which part of the hand is used during palpation to assess the strength of pulses?

Ulnar/palmar surface

What does palpation assess when checking for tenderness?


How many different parts of the hand are typically utilized during palpation?

3 - Fingerpads, Ulnar/palmar surface, Dorsal surface

What is placed under the patient at the location of the lift in the kidney position?

A small pillow

This quiz covers how nurses use evidence to promote health and prevent disease, including knowledge of physiology, factors affecting disease risk, and client behavior. It also discusses the four basic types of nursing assessment, with a focus on the Initial Comprehensive Assessment.

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