Urban Planning and Geography

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The city's development was unplanned and without style from a distance.


The poem suggests that the logic of geography is that land and water repel human settlement.


From a height of six miles, the earth appears to be flat.


The poem suggests that the earth has more land than sea.


The poem suggests that people find reasons to hate each other because of geographical differences.


Study Notes

Perspective from the Air

  • From a bird's eye view, the city's development appears planned and logical, with a clear purpose.
  • The city's layout is scaled, with features proportional to its size, revealing a deliberate design.

Geography and Settlement

  • The country's cities are situated where rivers flow, and valleys are populated due to the attractive qualities of land and water.
  • The logic of geography drives human settlement, with natural features influencinghabitation.

Global Perspective

  • From six miles high, the earth appears rounded, with more sea than land, offering a new perspective on the planet.

Human Conflict

  • Despite the earth's beauty and interconnectedness, humans find reasons to hate, build walls, and kill each other.
  • From this height, the reasons behind human conflict are unclear, highlighting the complexity of humanity.

This quiz explores the relationship between urban development and geography, highlighting how cities are formed and populated. It examines the role of land and water in attracting human settlements.

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